Project 4 Montage











Description: Spiritual Photo Montage made by the blending of 2 images and the use of 2 types of typography.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing): To begin this process, I used the FOCUS design model by formulating a plan. I did this by first deciding on what spiritual reference I wanted to use. I decided that I wanted to use a quote that said “We must choose who to follow” by Boyd K Packer. As I started to create my piece, I found a picture of 3 roads and a beautiful sunset. I placed it on my canvas so that it would fit nicely.  Then I found several pictures of Christ. I decided which picture of Christ to use and then used the lasso tool to draw around him and then dragged him onto the beautiful sunset. I then created a layer mask. I then used the brush tool set to soft and large to start to combine the pixels of each photo. When I had accomplished as much as I could at 100% opacity, I then made the image larger and made my brush smaller and used 30% opacity to trace around his frame. Then I zoomed back out and used the large brush to combine everything. I then used the brush at 20% to go over the entire area that Jesus was to soften him a little more and to help to get it all blended. The next step was the typography, this for me was the hardest part. I changed to John 4:16 instead because I felt that it fit my piece better. I played with various layouts and fonts until I finally came to placing the layout on the right hand side and bottom of the page. I also used a dissolve blending mode for the type to make it look just a little rough to fit with the road that it is on. I used 2 typefaces. One was a Serif font–Baskerville and the other is a script font–Bickman Script

Message: My message was the scripture John 4:16.” I am the way, the truth, and the light. No man cometh unto the Father but by me.”

Audience: My audience is most Christians.
Top Thing Learned: I learned a great deal about combining 2 pictures into one. But the hardest part of this assignment for me turned out to be getting the typography right.
Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied: I used a mask layer on the picture of Christ so that he blended in with the background and looked like he was almost not there. I also used the dissolve filter on the type for the scripture.

Color scheme and color names: The color scheme is Analogous. The colors that are used are gold, yellow, and lime.

Title Font Name & Category: The larger font is Bickman Script–Script Font.

Copy Font Name & Category: The smaller font is Baskerville semibold-Serif Font.

Thumbnails of Images used:



Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):

Jesus in the Synagogue

3 roads wallpaper


Project 3 Photodesign



  1. Description: Photodesign project. Demonstrate good photography skills and photo editing. Incorporated the color scheme into the design.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I used a borrowed camera from my daughter. Then used photoshop to edit the picture. This included adjusting the lighting, cropping, and enhancing the color. I also used a dry brush eraser to get the uneven edge on the photo. Also Photoshop was used in creating the lines and the text in the project. I used the lines to incorporate the color scheme into the project. I also added some squares at the end of the lines to give it some better design elements.
  3. Message: The message is to keep on going even when you think you can’t. (I sometimes feel like the car.)
  4. Audience: The audience is anyone that needs a little motivational boost.
  5. Top Thing Learned: I learned that working with layers can be challenging. I also learned how to use the eraser tool to get some interesting effects. But the biggest thing I learned was to keep track of the layers and label them.
  6. Color scheme and color names: The color scheme that I used was split complementary.
  7. Title Font Name & Category:  I used Apple Chancery for the highlighted words.
  8. Copy Font Name & Category:  And I used Bodoni Bold for the rest of the saying.
  9. Date and location you took the photo(s). I took this photo on Wednesday February, 3rd, 2016 on Main Street in Blanding, UT.
  10. Original photo (thumbnail)


Week 10–The light at the end of the tunnel

Fall 2015

It is week 10 of my first  semester of going back to school and we are at the end of the beginning. It has been a fun and stressful 10 weeks. At times I thought there was no way that I could do this but then I would just take one step at a time and continue forward and we are nearly done!

Business 250 Web business has been interesting this week. We are learning about ad optimization and how to read the results from Adwords. We also learned how to link Adwords and Analytics together. To get that done was kind of a pain but I worked it out and it is now done. Currently our ad is doing well but I feel like our site needs some more work. We have received one contact form so far because of the ad and the site. Yay!

In Art 130 we are continuing to work on our poster project. I realized this week that while the projects are worth 70% of our grade the poster project is worth 50% of that!  Eeek!!

Part of this weeks assignment was to do an photography exploration. This one scared me because I couldn’t figure out what I was really supposed to do. But after I read it about 100 times I started to catch on. And after I worked on it for a while I got the hang of it and it was weird but quite fun.

I am still working 2 jobs and I went to Arizona last week for Time out for Women. So I have been behind all week. Then yesterday I spent the morning taking Lyle to the dr. because he hurt his back while loading the dogs. I barely got my assignment turned in before midnight last night. Too much stress for me!

The last class that I am taking is WDD 100 Intro to website design and development. It has been a challeng learning HTML and CSS. I think that I know how to do it and then I am all confused again. I can do my own site but when I look at someone elses HTML and CSS and cannot decifer it. But I do think that I am getting better at it as I go along.  I have built my own website but it is not perfect and has more work to go. It has been challenging but I am proud of where I have come so far.