Project 2 Event Ad




Valentine's Event Ad

  1. Description: This is an ad promoting a bake sale to assist this family with medical costs.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): The program used for this ad was Word.  Also a scanner was used to scan the image that was use in this ad. The skills that were used was that of photo editing using word, and placing typography and elements in the correct place. I started out this piece by sketching some ideas on paper of what I thought would connect with my audience and get the message across.  Contrast of size and of color was used extensively in this piece. Also, Unity was used in several way.  By Varying the size of the shapes of each item it created a nice flow in the piece. Repetition was also used by adding a few hearts to keep the heart theme going throughout.
  3. Message: The message of this ad is that there is a charity bake sale to assist the Worjeski family with medical and transportation costs associated with their daughter’s cancer treatment
  4. Audience: The audience is anyone that would like to help this family. But particularly those that live in San Juan County. 
  5. Color scheme and color names: I used a monochromatic color scheme of deep red and pink. 
  6. Top Thing Learned: I did not realize how many things you can do in Word. I learned tons about how to use this program. Although, I prefer to use the Adobe programs, I can see that at times it is very helpful to know how to use all of the features of Word and how to use them.
  7. Title Font Name & Category: Apple Chancery–Decorative font
  8. Copy Font Name & Category: Helvetica–San Serif Type Face
  9. Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner: The scanner that I used was in my own home. The scanned image came from Good Housekeeping Magazine-February 2015.
  10. The original scanned size: The original scanned size was 4″x4″. I scanned it at 300dp  so that I would be able to crop the image and enlarge it and still maintain a good resolution in my final document. . The final size of the scan was 1275 x 1321.

Event Ad Scanned Image


Project 1 Flier



Description: A promotional flier to advertise a Graduate Leadership Conference to graduating seniors.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): 

Indesign was used to create this flier. Two forms of typography were used to highlight the important text in the piece. This shows contrast. The audience is more likely to notice the points of contrast on the flier. Also, the use of white space was used helping the viewer to notice the name of the conference and that space is limited.

Message: The message that I am trying to get across is that there is a leadership conference that will help graduating seniors to improve their marketability in the workforce.

Audience: The audience for this flier are graduating seniors who would be interested in improving their leadership skills.

Top Thing Learned:  I learned the difference a critique can make. I ended up having several critiques from family. After each one I changed something else about my flier that made it better.

Title Font Name & Category: Baskerville–Serif–Old Style

Copy Font Name & Category: Arial-Sans Serif

Links to images used in this project:

Photo: Photo used in flier project

Logo: Logo used in flier project