Week 11–I am thankful for…

Fall 2015

It is week 11 of my great adventure. And the week of Thanksgiving. So we will talk all about thankfulness in this blog post.

Business 250–I am thankful for this class. It has pushed me to really get serious about starting a website for our business www.dawgnit.com ! And it has been successful already. Our website needs a lot more work but we have had customers. We are in fact meeting someone on Tuesday, December 1st. To sell him 2 of our hound dogs. I am so thankful that this business is showing promise. I have learned this week the importance of SEO. I have also learned that my website needs lots and lots of work. Which means lots and lots of time which I don’t have a premium of at the moment. But we keep trying and we are succeeding.  So yay for us!

ART 130–I am thankful for the things that I am learning in this class. I am learning to stretch my mind and to think differently. I thought that imagination just came naturally but they are pushing us to make weird scuplures and collages. It is kind of fun. But my family thinks that I am insane. LOL  I have learned a lot in this class. It is very  time consuming but I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn this and to see myself step up to the challenges that have been set before me in this class.  During this entire class I just keep hearing to simplify. Maybe that is my new mantra that I need to hear. SIMPLIFY!

WDD 100–WOW!  For a 1 hour class this class has been a challenge for me. But I am so thankful for what I have learned so far. I can now at least look at HTML and CSS and sort of understand what it is saying. I can also edit it some and make changes that I think need to be made on our website. I am thankful for this class that it has also challenged me.  At the first of the semester I did not think I was capable of doing the things that I have been able to achieve so far.

I am thankful for my new job with Kara.  Sometimes I am frightened about this change but mostly I am excited. Her and I work well together and can do amazing things. The learning curve for me is high and Kara is impatient with the time frame. But I am thankful for her and for this new opportunity.

I am grateful for Lyle.  We have seen some hard times but in the end I feel as if we are stronger for it.  I feel like some people look at us and think that we are broken beyond repair but I feel as if they are missing something they will never know was missing. We have gone to places that others dare not go.






Week 10–The light at the end of the tunnel

Fall 2015

It is week 10 of my first  semester of going back to school and we are at the end of the beginning. It has been a fun and stressful 10 weeks. At times I thought there was no way that I could do this but then I would just take one step at a time and continue forward and we are nearly done!

Business 250 Web business has been interesting this week. We are learning about ad optimization and how to read the results from Adwords. We also learned how to link Adwords and Analytics together. To get that done was kind of a pain but I worked it out and it is now done. Currently our ad is doing well but I feel like our site needs some more work. We have received one contact form so far because of the ad and the site. Yay!

In Art 130 we are continuing to work on our poster project. I realized this week that while the projects are worth 70% of our grade the poster project is worth 50% of that!  Eeek!!

Part of this weeks assignment was to do an photography exploration. This one scared me because I couldn’t figure out what I was really supposed to do. But after I read it about 100 times I started to catch on. And after I worked on it for a while I got the hang of it and it was weird but quite fun.

I am still working 2 jobs and I went to Arizona last week for Time out for Women. So I have been behind all week. Then yesterday I spent the morning taking Lyle to the dr. because he hurt his back while loading the dogs. I barely got my assignment turned in before midnight last night. Too much stress for me!

The last class that I am taking is WDD 100 Intro to website design and development. It has been a challeng learning HTML and CSS. I think that I know how to do it and then I am all confused again. I can do my own site but when I look at someone elses HTML and CSS and cannot decifer it. But I do think that I am getting better at it as I go along.  I have built my own website but it is not perfect and has more work to go. It has been challenging but I am proud of where I have come so far.


Week 9–Refine, refine, refine

Fall 2015

This whole going to school is a real refining process. I just keep having to step up and be a little better EVERY day. And the homework never stops! About the time that I think that I have gotten a little ahead, I realize that there is still another big project looming on the horizon.

B 250 class or Business web page development class is very interesting. We have created a website and prepared it for viewing. Now we have set up an Google Adwords account and a Google Analytics account and then linked them together. I had no idea before this class that I could even create my own ad campaign on online or how to do it.

I made my advertising campaign go live yesterday morning and by last night we had had 8 visitors to our site! A site on selling hound dogs no less. So I shut off the ad campaign because the website needs some more work. But this morning it was up to 15! So I am feeling pretty good about things. I am still learning. The stats are talking about bounce rate and I don’t know that that is. Ours says we are at 56%. Hmmm I guess that is about 50/50…

Then in my WDD 100 Intro to Webb design and development class we are continuing to hand code our website. It is really hard at times and then easy at times. I am starting to at least be able to understand some of the coding on the pages that other people have written but it is really hard. I am hoping has time goes by and I learn more that it will become easier.

ART 130–We have started on posters to finish off the term. We had to choose an artist to learn about. I chose Joseph Muller-Brockman.  Studying him has been really interesting and a lot of fun!  He seems to me from my research to be very humble about his work. When asked what his best work was he stated “The white back side of my posters!”

Here is a sample of his work.


I just keep having the mantra to continue to take one step at a time toward the end of the semester. And it works! I just keep getting closer and closer to the end. I am doing this! I am becoming better and better every day.

The new job is slowly coming along. The learning curve is always tough but working with my daughter has been fun. I hope this turns out great!

Week 8–Keywords and Logos

Fall 2015

Well here I am in week 8!  Who knew that I could make it this far and enjoy it.  We registered for classes Winter semester this week and I am kind of excited for the next phase.  I will be taking an additional 2 credit hours next semester so we will see how I handle that!

Bus 250–We have been learning about creating an adwords campaign this week. It has been really interesting and informative. We learned that you can only have so many characters per line and that you should have 4 lines with the link to the website or page that it references. We also learned that you have to word it right so that people will click through to what you are trying to sell.  But you don’t want people clicking through that have no intention of buying so you use negative keywords.  It was very interesting.

ART130–This week was the end of the logo project.  I really learned a lot about the creative process but it was hard learning. It was hard to stop thinking the way that I thought was right from the beginning.  I really like the way that my logo turned out. But it is hard to know at the end because I am just tired and it starts to look the same.  Everyone else in the class did a great job. I hope that I can measure up to some of them!

Book Storm Logo 1-05


WDD 100–I am surprised how much I like this class in the end. I have been very afraid of HTML and coding in general. But I kind of like HTML and CSS.  I know it is just beginner stuff but it is fun to try something and see if it will work and then try something else to see if it will work.  We will see where we go from here and how I keep up.  Because it looks like there are a lot of coding classes ahead of me to graduate.

I trying to work full time at my new job but my old job keeps calling me back.  Hopefully the new person will take over next week and things will get easier.