My dream website

Fall 2015

My dream website would be a healthy-ish recipe website. I started one a few years ago and did ok at it. But never really loved it. I named it and have since taken it down and then started it back up but have not had time to get all of the content back up. But the name never felt right. So now I think that I will call it Since I didn’t have a good plan in mind, I didn’t really know where I was going with it.  But since starting this class and really focusing on having a plan, I have decided that I would like to have a recipe website with reviews from 2 of my daughters on each recipe. These would be totally unbiased reviews where they give their honest opinion of the recipe as far as taste, appearance, and nutrition go.  The reason that this would work so well is that one of my daughters is a dietitian and the other really likes good food and she is funny. So when I post recipes that I think are healthy and taste good, there would automatically be feedback for my readers. This will help my readers to decide if they want to try the recipe or not based on my daughters reviews. I would also encourage them to comment on the recipe with their review after having made it. Most blogs post recipes and then in the comments it just says looks good and cannot wait to try it. That is not helpful, I need reviews saying what worked and what didn’t.

To make this into a profitable business I could start with affiliate links. I think that I would have to be careful about only suggesting items that we use and love. Sometimes those things that are suggested may not be loved by all of us on the team. But that is what will make this blog interesting is the great discussions.  Advertising would also be a great way to make money from traffic to the blog. Maybe as we go along we could create a digital cookbook with the nutrition info in it as well as the reviews. 

So in doing this I could also link to recipes that we have tried that are from other sites. Also post links of where to buy some of the items that we are using to cook; I would also like to have a list of favorite cooking sites on this web page. I would like to make this the go to place to find great recipes with the nutritional info and great entertaining reviews.

I think that the people who would use this kind of website are people that are concerned about what they eat. They want to know the nutritional content of that apple pie as well as the cauliflower pizza. They love good healthy food that is easy to make but they don’t mind having a great splurge every now and again. They also like to hear the truth about the foods they are eating. Whether it is good nutritionally or not or tastes good or not they want to know. They like to eat good food and care whether or not it tastes good or not. But would like find the nutritional content quickly on recipes that they are trying. 


What it takes to be great

Fall 2015

I found the article What it takes to be great to be very hopeful. I loved that it says that anyone can be anything they want. It doesn’t take talent it takes hard work. Sometimes in my life it has felt discouraging to think that I am not one of the talented few as I have been led to believe. I have always had a mindset that some things you can do or you can’t do.  It is so easy to look and compare ourselves to others who are great and give up because we are not as good as him/her. The problem with this mentality is we don’t see behind the scenes to see all of the blood, sweat, and tears that got them there. We just think that they woke up one morning and poof they were great.

So, as someone just getting back into school after 30 years, I am excited and frightened to know that failure or success is all up to me. I cannot just fall back on the excuse that I am just not good at that. The truth would be that it is all up to me.

I loved the line in the article that says “The good news is that your lack of natural gift is irrelevant—talent has little or nothing to do with greatness.” How amazing is that? I have always told my children they could be whatever they want to be. But I have never fully grasped the perfect practice concept.

I am excited to implement this in my own life. Since returning to school, my time feels short. I feel an urgency to push forward with determination. With my eye on perfect practice and persistence. I don’t have time to figure things out. As I continue with my schooling, I will tackle each assignment with an explicit goal of learning and becoming better from doing that assignment.

I plan on following the perfect practice guidelines:

  1. Approach each critical task with an explicit goal of getting much better at it.

To me this means that I will not just finish the assignment but strive to do it better than the assignment before.

  1. As you do the task, focus on what’s happening and why you’re doing it the way that you are.

Sometimes we do things because that’s the way that we did it when we were 16 or because that’s the way that our mother’s did it. This step makes me take a step back to see if there is a better way of accomplishing the task.

  1. After the task, get feedback on your performance from multiple sources. Make changes if necessary.

This one is hard for me. I just want to hear great things about what I did. But getting feedback from multiple sources can make all of the difference.  Even if I don’t agree with the feedback it can still be helpful in making me take a hard look at my work and seeing if it needs any further tweaking. Continually approaching each situation with “What could I do better?” will make all of the difference

  1. Continually build mental models of your situation—your industry, your company, your career Enlarge the models to encompass more factors.

I thought of Steven Covey who advocates to “begin with the end in mind”.  I read in this to keep dreaming, keep changing and to keep growing. When I finish one goal I should know where I am going next.

  1. Do those steps regularly, not sporadically. Occasional practice does not work.

This is one of my greatest weaknesses. I set a goal, I am excited, I even ask for feedback, and I can see the end result, but when life gets chaotic and messy, which it always does, I become sporadic about following through with each step every day. Then give up because I don’t see myself progressing towards my goals. So my commitment today is to commit completely to setting my goals and being consistently consistent.

This article is a game changer for me. I will continue to read it often, as well as type up and post the tip sheet where I can see it every day. I need to be reminded of the power of perfect practice every hour.  I will teach this to my children so that they can understand what is required to become great.

 Since beginning my journey of going back to school after a 30 year absence, I have had serious doubts and terrifying moments. I keep hearing voices in my head saying “What if you can’t do it?” “What if you fail?” but my reply has always been “But what if you can do it?” But after reading this great article my new reply will be “You can do anything with hard work and practice! You’ve got this!”

Week 2 of Cindy goes to school

Fall 2015

So this is the end of week 2 for my going back to school adventure after 30 years of being absent. Sigh. This journey has been both terrifying and exciting at the same time. Kind of like a roller coaster ride. Most of the time I am excited about all of the new things that I am learning but then all of the time I am terrified that I cannot keep up. I can literally feel my brain growing.

One of the classes that I am taking is Business 250. This class is a Web business class. It has been a very interesting and engaging class. This blog is an assignment for the Bus 250 class. I am excited about doing this blog and hope that I can document my journey well.

In this class I have learned how and where to go to learn about how to use Google adwords. Who knew that you could just type in a word and you get a list of other comparable words and then how many searches there are for that word and what the demand on that word is. This is a big deal in deciding if that business is something that would be worth my time to go into or not. If the competition is high that changes the game a lot don’t you think. And if no one is really interested in what I want to sell that why even do it? I do think that a person that wanted to take on a huge challenge could break into a business that is highly competitive. But at least with the adwords they would know what they were getting into and what the uphill battle would look like.

Another class that I am taking is Graphic Design 130. This class has made my brain hurt. There are so many things to learn when learning about the Adobe Suite and everything that is in it. I swear I have never done this much homework in my life. One of the assignments was to do 48 thumbnail sketches, but that was just to get a C grade. To get a A grade the real requirement was to do 60 sketches. And let me tell you after a drawing a bunch of squares, triangles, circles, crosses, and lines there was just not anything else that I wanted to draw. But draw I did. I ended up submitting 64 sketches. Go me! Maybe I will post them here. I am not altogether proud of them. I started out thinking they were great but once I submitted my assignment and looked at the others I thought that I could have done better. Below is the last page of my sketches. My favorite one is the 2nd row over and the 2nd one down. Maybe not the best sketch but it makes me laugh. It looks like someone fell over on his head when carrying packages. That was not my intent when I started but that is wheat it turned out to be. The other image is the graphic design on depth that I did with the shapes. Not to bad.

Last Sketches Page Depth-graphic

Here is the process book that I did for this week. ARt130-Cindy-Bayles-M02

The last class that I am taking is the Web Design and Development class. This class has been enlightening too. I wrote a paper entitled What it takes to be great! for this class. The article that was assigned for this class, that I got my info from was well with the read. This class is different that I had expected. But it different in a good way.  I decided to take this course just to make sure that I was going in the right direction. And the answer after 2 weeks is yes, I think I am. This is fun. Kind of like a roller coaster ride…If you like that sort of thing.